Thursday, 29 September 2016


Hi everyone. Well somehow Blogger has lost all my posts and the linked categories for all the images i have posted. So it looks like i need to begin listing them all again, It will take a little while but i will try and repost everything . I have however stopped the Cheeky challenge and all non image related posts here on this blog so i can dedicate it totally to the free images. I want to thank everyone for participating in the challenges throughout the year. I had a great time with the challenges and hope you did too. 

I need to think about how best to post the images from now on. They will be remaining free to everyone and the donation button will remain too for anyone who would like to use it. 

Thanks for your patience



  1. Darn Blogger, lol! Sounds like it will take you awhile to reload all your files. Good luck!

  2. Gosh, no fun!!! I do appreciate and enjoy working with your images

  3. I guess BLogger thought you were getting bored and needed more to do...hope it's not catching!!! XXX

  4. Aaarrrggghhhh Blogger!!! Good luck with getting sorted xx


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